Tuesday, April 19, 2011

chocolate banana deliciousness

Ok ok ok I know...  This is a painting a day (or whenever I can summon the energy) blog.  And there hasn't been a painting on here in a while.  As my defense, we were traveling.  As my excuse, I am jetlagged.  Truth be told, my daughter is sick and I wanted to make her some homemade chicken noodle soup.

And a cake.

Well of COURSE I had to make the cake.  We had two bananas that were on their way out.  I couldn't let them go to waste.  And it HAD to be a cake, because the cupcakes only use ONE banana, and I didn't want to make 24 cupcakes.  Have you ever tried to frost cupcakes while refereeing two kids under the age of 4?  You end up with lousy cupcakes.

So a cake it was.  And I was going to use my painterly hand and add pink little florets on said cake, but instead I used my painterly EYE (see? it's KIND of like painting, right?) for a more minimalisticly pleasing composition.

Are you buying it?  Yeah, me neither.  I really just wanted to make a cake.

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