Wednesday, June 22, 2011

december dusk


This painting is of an image taken while driving from Berlin to Blonay, Switzerland.  It's about a 9 hour drive, give or take an hour....  or three.  We started our journey at dawn and arrived in Blonay at dusk, which, from an artist's perspective, is pretty convenient.  And rather poetic, actually.  When I saw this sunset I made my husband immediately get off at the first stop he saw, which involved some pretty interesting driving...  But it was totally worth it.  I shot off about 20 photos, several of which are on deck for future paintings.  They are very special to me, so they have been moved to the "only paint when you have a lot of time" pile.  I really love (and need) to drink in the photo as I'm painting it.  It takes me right back to the place and the time it was taken.  Just looking at this, I can still feel the chill in the air and smell it's wintery mountain freshness..

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