Thursday, May 10, 2012



Wow, I can't believe it.  I haven't put a brush to any surface since July.  JULY!  How in the world did that happen...  Well, it is good to be back.  Great even.  I can't really go beyond great, because the painting itself wasn't so great.  It is very apparent that I am out of practice.  And I have to admit, I never really took too much stock in the whole you have to paint every day to keep limber thing.  But maybe that's because I WAS painting every day.  Or almost every day.  Or once a week, maybe...  In any case, I was painting quite a bit more frequently than ten months.  Wow.  TEN MONTHS.  I still can't believe it...

So what have I been doing, you ask?  Well, even if you didn't ask, I'll tell you anyway.  I have been writing a cookbook.  

Random?  Yes.  

But not so much if you think about it.  My son has life threatening allergies, and after having to cook three meals a day, every day, I have developed several tricks of the trade I guess you can say.  All while amassing a nice little collection of recipes...  If this interests you, please check out my other blog, mama makes from scratch (  It has recipes, crafts, and really bloggy type stuff....  

I have also been making bears.  Teddy bears.  That fit in the palm of your hand...  

Random, yes.


  1. Marla, u r so wonderful!

    u really r! and I mean this as an artist, mother, entrepreneuress, and human being!

    I wish I could paint like u, even when u r out of practice, u r great!

    and let me know when the cook book launch (Lynn Avadenka's sons just published a cookbook, did u hear about it?)

    last thing (I am really energized this friday morning lol), I posted on facebook a story about this place in England where they make plush toys based on kids drawings... and they r truly wonderful.... I imagine that both Catriona and Ian have some great ones for that!



  2. Oh Vagner how sweet you are. You totally just put a great big smile on my face!! Xoxo

  3. Hi, I stumbled into you blog via my sister in-laws facebook post, and I am very glad I did. I got to say the blueberry vision/project you wrote about last year, sounds great (and the berries looks awesome). Did you finish it? Love to see a post about it, if you did. Magnus

    1. Wow thanks Magnus! I ended up finishing 6 single blueberries. I painted like mad (50 plus paintings) for an art fair, and got a little burned out. Then school started for my daughter, and life kind of got in the way.. I have not completed the blueberry project, but I also have not forgotten about it. The current situation with the blueberries is that most of them (actually all but one) have been sold, which is great for me, but not so great to see them all on a wall! Hmmm..... maybe I'll just have to begin again... I really would love to see them all on a wall. Thank you so much for your support! Keep posted!